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New 3rd Generation Lexan
Security Sleeve


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The Manufacturer of High Security ATM Enclosures & Kiosks.

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DASH ATM manufactures environmentally controlled drive-up and walk-up ATM enclosures.  Specializing in heavy gauge steel construction and high security features.  Our enclosures are specifically designed to protect ATMs which are not equipped with level 2 or 3 safes. 

To date, no criminal has ever gained entry into a DASH manufactured enclosure.  We have a rock solid reputation in the financial industry,  and aim to keep it!

All DASH enclosures are manufactured with heavy gauge steel and utilize No sheet metal which can easily be penetrated.
  Our locking system is so secure, it is utilized by a safe manufacturer.  The DASH 7000 enclosure passed U.K. G2 ballistic requirements, (stops 44 Magnums fired at 9 feet).

If you can find a more secure and cost effective enclosure, buy it!  Our enclosures are second to none, in security, pricing and value.

DASH has strategic alliances with:

  Network Processors
  Service Providers
  Financial Institutions
  ATM Manufactures
  Vault Cash Providers

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Reduce Your Risk of becoming a "Smash & Grab" Victim, with DASH ATM Enclosures!

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"Shop the rest...buy the best...DASH"

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DASH - "The World Leader in Security Enclosures"

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